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Nancy Menagh

Here it is 2020 and we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary.  While we look back to our history began in 1945. we look forward to our future as we held our first virtual Zoom Convention.  We will be holding many Zoom educational seminars this year.

We are Gold Star Spouses and have each taken a journey unique in many ways.  But whether we received the knock at the door or watched our hero pass from us day by day, we all share in the grief we feel and the memories we cherish.  Sometimes it seems we are consumed by paperwork as we deal with benefits and endless forms.  For some of us, it seems never ending.  We hear you and we are here for you!  There are members of Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. who can offer you direct help with your issues.

Our membership is made up of the men and women left behind.  While our loved one made the supreme sacrifice, we are the ones left to live that sacrifice every day.  We are young and old; we come from every race, creed, and religion; we have lived in all parts of the world.  When we get together at National Convention, at Region Conference, at Chapter Meetings or just get together, we find that we have so much more in common than only the loss of our spouse.

We are an organization that serves!  That is just who we are.  Our spouses served and we serve!  So many of us volunteer at VA Hospitals, food banks, churches, schools and our community. We attend services that honor our Fallen and we support the troops and their families.

Each year at Convention we vote on our legislative goals for the year.  Please let us know what is important to you.  Following is a very brief description from the 2020 Convention: 1. Increase the DIC with the DIC Improvement Act of 2019.  2. Removal/reduction in age of the marriage penalty.  3. Educational Benefits. 4. Suicide and Burn Pits.  5. Update our GSW Charter.  Please check the website and newsletters for more complete information.  While many of us walk the Congressional Halls in our Gold and testify whenever possible, we hope that you will write to your legislators and tell them yourself to support our issues!  There is an easy link on our website so that you can just enter your information and a letter will generate for your specific representatives in support of the DIC increase.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.  

UNITED WE STAND TO WIN.  Divided we fall and are forgotten.



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