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"We believe surviving spouses and dependent children need an organization dedicated solely to their needs, concerns, and welfare.”

White Papers and Fact Sheets

GSW Legislative Issues

Below are links to formalized Fact Sheets and White Papers on GSW current legislative issues:

Government Relations Public

 White Papers and Fact Sheets Date Posted
 GSW DIC Fact Sheet May 2019.doc
 GSW Remarriage Fact Sheet May 2019.docx 5/03/2019
 GSW DIC Fact Sheet April 2019.doc 4/09/2019
 GSW Remarriage Fact Sheet March 2019.docx 3/19/2019
 GSW SBPDIC offset fact sheet March 2019.doc 3/11/2019
 GSW DIC Fact Sheet March 2019 (2).doc 3/11/2019 (one page document)
 SBP DIC Offset Fact Sheet January 2018 1/19/2018
 GSW DIC Fact Sheet December 201712/7/2017
 GSW DIC Fact Sheet March 2017 4/24/2017
 GSW SBPDIC offset fact sheet March 2017 4/24/2017
 GSW ED Fact Sheet March 2017 4/24/2017
 GSW Remarriage Fact Sheet 2017 4/24/2017
 Veterans Affairs Hearing March 9, 2017 3/21/2017
 Urgent Letter  4/4/2016
 JVAC Written Testimony March 3, 2016 3/20/2016
 JVAC Oral Testimony March 3, 2016 3/20/2016
 Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Fact Sheet 12/18/2015
 Repeal the SBP - DIC - 2015 12/18/2015
2015 Testimony SBP and DIC 12/18/2015
TMC/GSW Endorsement HR 32 SBP/DIC Elimination 6/20/2014
TMC/GSW Endorsement HR 4741 DIC 6/20/2014
GSW Endorsement S2450 Fry Expansion 6/19/2014
DIC Fact Sheet Jun 9 2014 6/9/2014
Education Fact Sheet 11/4/2013
SBP/DIC Fact Sheet 11/4/2013
HVAC Testimony April 24, 2007 2/21/2016
SASC Testimony February 1, 2005 2/21/2016
HVAC-SVAC Testimony March 18, 2004 2/21/2016
HVAC-SVAC Testimony March 25, 1998 2/21/2016
SVAC Testimony March 23, 1996 Testimony 2/21/2016

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Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.

Gold Star Wives is a Congressionally Chartered non-profit service organization that is capable of providing services to the active duty and service-connected military surviving spouses.

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Gold Star Wives of America, Inc

Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)4 National Military Widow/Widowers Service Organization chartered by the United States Congress. Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes but may be deductible as trade or business expenses.

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